Working with us

Finding the right opportunity can be difficult, it takes time to find out about vacancies and being able to get enough information on the role to make a choice on whether to apply can be draining, as well as this if you are currently employed do you want to be splashing your details around?

Hospitality Recruitment Solutions offers a confidential service to assist in finding your next opportunity. We do not charge candidates for this service but for us to be able to assist we have a few guidelines that we ask you to consider;

  • Be selective on putting applications forward. You don't want to register with all agencies and apply for everything you see. This will ensure you are considered for the most appropriate opportunities. Using the assistance of an agency often ensures that your application is well supported and sold to the right people. Sometimes it's who you know.
  • Be open and honest with us, if you have applied with other agencies or with other companies just inform us so that your resume isn't distributed several times for the one position, as this can reflect negatively on your application.
  • Communicate with us. Keep in contact with any progress or contact from perspective employers be it our clients or other positions you may have already applied for and we will do the same. We aim to keep you informed of any opportunities but by all means touch base with us if you see something of interest and we can follow it through. Promptness in responding is crucial from both sides.
  • Work with us. Our aim is to get you the opportunity you want and we dont want to waste either your time or our clients. If you are just wanting to test the market then tell us. If you have multiple opportunities or offers then tell us. We only deal with professional people so please ensure you are professional in your approach to both the recruitment process and to your employment. Remember the Hospitality industry is a small world and you need to ensure that people see you in a positive light word of mouth can be your key to success.
  • Assistance we can assist with resume formats, interview advice, as well as career consulting and salary guidance. Stay in touch. By building a rapport with us and keeping in contact we can work with you on an on-going basis to provide you future opportunities when you are next looking for an opportunity.
  • Refer us. By using your contacts in the industry refer our details to them and if they are successfully placed for a position through us you will receive an incentive.

Lets work together to find the right solution for you!